About me

Annemieke de Bruijn studied the flute with Eugénie van der Grinten and Jorge Caryevschi. She attended Masterclasses by András Adorján and traverso classes by Konrad Hünteler. She is a flute teacher at the kaliberkunstenschool . In 1999 she founded the flute orchestra “Fluterie” which she conducts. The members of the orchestra are adult enthusiastic amateurs playing different types of flute supported by cello and piano. The orchestra participated successfully in national flute contests.

Annemieke de Bruijn is a member of The Netherlands Flute Orchestra. She also formed the duo “Flutino” with Els Cozijnsen (piano), performing popular classical concerts regularly. Since 2010-2013 she has been a member of the editorial board of “FLUIT”, the quarterly magazine of the Dutch Flute Society.

In May 2012 Annemieke de Bruijn established her private company Flutemotion, selling the Pneumo Pro and other equipment supporting flute lessons. The company was founded as a result of a partnership between Annemieke de Bruijn and well-known American flute teacher and method developer Kathy Blocki.

Breathing techniques

The right breathing techniques are essential for producing a clear tone. Many years of experience have shown that pupils often find it difficult to adequately regulate their breathing. Moreover, it is not easy to practice these techniques on the flute itself. That is why Annemieke went on a quest for effective but also fun tools to improve breathing techniques. The tools Flutemotion offers will lead to improved control over the blowing direction and more power. The Pneumo Pro as well as the other breathing gadgets have been well-received by both teachers and students. After its success on flute conventions in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Germany, Spain and Slovenia, the products are now available on this website.

Flutemotion is European distributer of the patented Pneumo Pro. The Pneumo Pro was developed by Kathy Blocki and is the most appropriate tool to train the right blowing directions.