Third Kinderflute Class in the Netherlands!!!

Kathy Blocki (USA) and Annemieke de Bruijn meet them at the third Kinderflute class in the Netherlands!!!

When: 17-18-19th of October 2016
Where: Center of Enschede, Kaliberkunstenschool
Housing:- (7 pers.)
– Airbnb
– b&b Roombeek
(Not included)

Class size limited : 15
Total Tuition cost: 550,-incl.registration)
Registration: 75,00

Please send a mail for information, registration or questions to
Registration by webshop

Flute Tutor new product!

Corrections poor habitual positioning.
See on my website ‘The Flute Tutor’

Review Ana Kavcic Pucihar

Breath support is one of the trickiest things for a child to develop. And always a challenge for the Flute Teachers to explain.
Annemieke’s Flutemotion products help young Fluteplayers to overcome the initial difficulties and develop efficiënt Breath support.
My students just love the little helicopters, crocodiles, dolphins…
Building Breath support becomes a joyful play and it always gives an extra spin to the Flute lesson.

Ana Kavcic Pucihar
Flutist Slovena, Europe

Wil Offermans demonstrates the Cola Bottle Gadget

Wil Offermans demonstrates how you can practice circular breathing with the Cola bottle gadget.


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