Flute ensemble Fluterie is open to players of all levels. It offers its members the opportunity to improve their technical level. The members are adults from different backgrounds and professions. The binding factor is their love for flute music.

The ensemble is always interested in new compositions and arrangements. In doing so, the repertoire is quite unique and has a rich mixture of sound colours and instruments. Apart from the regular flute the piccolo, alt and bass flutes are also played. The bass is reinforced by two celli. If the score requires so, piano and percussion can be added.

Fluterie was established in September 1999 by flute player and teacher Annemieke de Bruijn with the motto “practice alone, make music together”. 30 June 2012. Fluterie recently celebrated its 12.5 anniversary.

Fluterie participated in several national flute competitions. It obtained a first prize in 2001 in the category flute ensembles, second prizes in 2003 and 2004 and in 2007 a first prize in the category flute orchestra. Some quotes from the jury report: “Enchanting, good choice of music and enthusiastic aura. Excellent, what more is there to say. Perfect presentation and musically well considered, you really make music !” Fluterie plays arrangements and music specifically written for flute orchestras. Reactions from the audience after each performance demonstrate that the repertoire is appealing to a wide audience of listeners.

Fluterie is directed and conducted by Annemieke de Bruijn.