Kinderflute 2020

The course was very intense! The proposed teaching is very creative and motivating. Each new learning is brought by a game and asks the child to be participative and lively. I have already tried some tricks learned during this course with my students and it works! I look forward to teaching this method with young children.

Silvia Fadda Baroni and Enza Pintaudi ,Switzerland 2019




Spring 2019: 24 - 27 April

KinderFlute--Where kids come to discover the joy and excitement of playing the flute.

About KinderFlute

KinderFluteTM is designed to teach students to love music and learn to play the flute—but that is only the beginning. We have an intense desire to see each child realize their potential in all areas of their lives. Through learning to listen, finger, produce a beautiful tone, read music, compose, and creatively express themselves; students are firing areas of the brain to make learning in all areas more productive. The group lesson are carefully planned to maximize learning potential. Movement and games are a major component in the group classes so that students maintain a keen sense of alertness.

Many of the tenets of the class are based on recent research in neurogenesis (see below) and learning potential.

“Neurogenesis” literally means “birth of neurons”. Neurogenesis is most prevalent during pre-natal development and is the process by which neurons are created to populate the growing brain. Contrary to what was believed 10 years ago, new research has shown that neurogenesis also can ocurr throughout life. Key factors that have proven to stimulate significant neurogenesis are exercise, a loving and supportive environment, and new and enriching experiences.

KinderFlute was created by and uses the Blocki Flute Method.You tube Kinderflute demo
Questions to Ask Before Beginning the Course for Teacher Certification

Do you:

1. Find joy with interacting with young children?

2. Have excellent flute tone, technique, rhythm and pitch?

3. Enjoy singing and can naturally sing in tune?

4. Have an encouraging, patient, and positive demeanor?

5. Have a strong desire to see every child succeed?

Are you:

1. Willing to learn how to keep students engaged?

2. Energetic and passionate about teaching?

3. Willing to develop excellent communication and organizational skills?

4. A person who wants to continually grow in their teaching skills?

5. Willing to aggressively and ethically pursue studio and business goals?

Find A Class Near You or Find a Free Intro to KinderFlute


When: Classes will be in The centre of Enschede,the Netherlands

in 2019, 24th-27th of April

Please email for info:

Certification Level One:

A. Teach Five Sets of Intro to KinderFluteTM Classes

B. Submit at least 15 pictures of great KinderFluteTM Student Embochures

C. Submit Intro class video of third class (out-of-area trainees only.) Local trainees will be observed.

D. Submit Video tape of 5 KinderFluteTM Kids playing Head Joint Exercise on page 9 and Bumble Bee.

E. Send sample of KinderFluteTM resume, parent hand-outs, studio policy, pricing and payment schedules.

F. Submit business plan for growth and marketing(Guidelines will be given in class.)

G. All requirements must be completed within 24 weeks of the class attended.

After attending the initial training classes, students will have acquired the marketing skills to effectively recruit potential students. Trainees can expect to have gained at least six new students while fulfilling all the certification requirements.

Teacher Certification Training

Day 1: wednesdayevening: 19.00 - 21.45

Day 2 morning classes 9-12 lunch afternoon classes 1.30-5.00
Day 3: Morning classes 9-12 lunch afternoon classes 1.30-6.00
Day 4: morning classes 9-1 lunch in special restaurant...
Class ends at 2.30

Cost: €550,00 excl.21% brw
Information: send an email to

Kinderflute Teachers from 2017 pay with discount 40%: €220,00 excl. btw.
(Reserved for max.3 persons)