Flute Tutor

1. Corrections habitual poor positioning.
2. Insuring that new students use the same position each time they pick up the flute. This will eliminate much frustration and make happy students and teachers!
3. Developing embouchure changes in order to play in tune instead of rolling the flute.
4. Developing extreme flexibility without rolling the flute in and out.

Instructions for using the Flute Tutor
+ Open the Flute Tutor and put it under the head joint sleeve of the flute. (See picture)
+ Close the Flute Tutor and tighten the thumb screw just until it closes.
+ Position the Flute as shown in the picture above and then tighten the thumb screw until the Flute Tutor does not slip on the flute.
+ Use the raised guide lines to make sure the Flute Tutor is positioned the same every time it is put on the flute.
+ Use the Flute Tutor and Pneumo Pro together to develop flexibility without rolling the flute.

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