Flute at Play Blaz Pucihar

Flute at Play

Flute at Play with CD
by Blaz Pucihar

This is one wonderful book for the intermediate player.

An illustrated story book with 10 Melodic Pieces for flute and piano.
Flutists can enjoy performing and playing with the piano accompaniment on the CD
or just enjoy listening to the gorgeous flute playing of Ana Pucihar.

The text and illustration inspire you to empathize
with Daisy, the flutist, and play with great expression.
One of my favorite texts is “Dreamy Flute.”

A gentle breeze is swinging me:
Now I am here and now I am there,
I close my eyes-there is magic everywhere.
Inside my soul, there is a wonderland:
Whenever I’m in need, I find a helping hand,
There are no wars, No quarrels and no fights,
But there’s a lot of love and all kind of delights.

These pieces are a little more difficult than the pieces in Luna’s Magic Flute (also by Blaz Pucihar)
The range is from low C to third octave B-flat; but when the music ventures this low or high it is only for a brief moment.
Each piece has a distinct expression of a feeling or emotion.
Keys range from CM (am) to up to three flats or 4 sharps.
The rhythms are at the level of the Blocki Flute Method Student Book 2 or 3 with just a few more difficult twists.

“Flute at Play” is on the ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music) recommended list.

The “Playful Pony” from Luna’s Magic Flute is a part of the ABRSM Syllabus. Grade 5.