Flute Zoo Five-Note Fun Sticker Book NEU!!!!


Flute Zoo Five-Note Fun Sticker Book

The Flute Zoo Five-Note Fun Sticker book is the essential technique and music theory companion book for Flute Zoo Books 1, 2 and 3.

Five-note patterns are the foundation to great flute technique. Even advanced players practice five-note patterns. Taffanel & Gaubert’s 17 Big Daily Finger Exercise are used by many college flute majors. In this book, these advanced students start with five-note patterns. After many years of using five-note patterns with beginners we’ve seen the incredible technique that can happen even with beginners. Young students who faithful learn these five-note pattern will reap incredible technique.

Students should first encounter new finger changes in Flute Zoo Five-Note Fun book before reading them in the Flute Zoo Books 2 or 3. Page 116 of the Flute Zoo Teacher’s Manual shows how the five-note patterns correspond to the Flute Zoo Books 1-3. Once students have learned their five-note patterns, whole scale are easy since two five-note patterns = a one octave scale.

The 40 page Flute Zoo Five-Note Fun makes learning patterns fun with over 600 stickers. Because students are using the stickers to form the five-note patterns on the music staves, it is also a music theory book. Students learn the concepts of key centers through transposing simple melodies in many different keys. A student might ask their parents if they would like to hear Jingle Bells—but that’s not all. They could also ask in what key they should play it! Even if students are using fixed DO solfeggio can still learn the sense of key function using our simple number system.

As students progress they will play the patterns in Doublits—where they double the speed on each repetition. Being able to switch between beat levels is the foundation to playing advanced rhythms.

Finally, Circle of Fifths Ferris Wheel on the last page is great motivation to learn more and more five-note patterns. In addition, there is a large Carnival Zoo reward poster available that can be use for either five-note patterns or whole scales which also includes minor scales.


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